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A Complete Guide to Epoxy Resin Art - Harry & Wilma

A Complete Guide to Epoxy Resin Art

If you’re looking for a new way to express yourself creatively, then look no further than epoxy resin art! From beginner projects such as moulding embellishments to high-level homemade jewellery, epoxy resin has something for every craft lover.

For every project involving epoxy resin, users need to know how to properly apply the versatile material. Understanding the basics of epoxy is essential before getting started. And at Harry & Wilma, we’re here to help. This guide will help you understand the epoxy resin art process from start to finish, providing you with all the tools needed to take your handmade creations up a notch. With this guide in hand, you'll be able to master the art of epoxy like a pro in no time.

What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin has exploded in popularity in recent years, used for crafting small to large-scale projects. From resin geodes to home decor accents, jewellery, crafts and even large-scale works of art — the possibilities are endless!

Epoxy resin a strong adhesive material that undergoes a chemical reaction when combined with a catalyst. This reaction creates a heat-resistant and waterproof bonding agent that can be used on many different surfaces such as wood, plastic, and metal – among others. 

As an artist looking to get started creating with epoxy resin, it can feel daunting. If that's you – don't sweat. This resin guide serves as a resource for understanding the basics of what epoxy resin is, how to use it safely, and tips for working with it efficiently.

Epoxy Resin vs. UV Resin - What's the Difference?

Many resin artists use both epoxy resin and UV resin, so it’s important to understand the differences between them. Epoxy resin is an adhesive that cures when mixed with a hardener and requires the use of respirators and safety gear due to its strong odours. On the other hand, UV resin is a mixture of photosensitive monomers which cure almost instantly when exposed to sunlight or a UV light lamp.

As a material, epoxy resin is best used for projects that require strength, flexibility, and supreme durability. Since it takes longer to dry, it therefore has a thicker consistency, making it sturdier for bigger creations. It’s also ideal for creating objects that require an epoxy coating, such as jewellery or sculptures. 

On the other hand, UV resin is ideal for smaller projects. It’s great for crafting projects that need to be finished quickly and with a high level of precision. This type of material cures almost instantly, so it can be used for intricate detailing or adding layers to a craft.

As any artist or craftsperson knows, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your projects and the materials needed – and the same goes for resin! So let your project dictate which type of resin you choose.

Choosing the Right Resin

The question of how to choose the right type of resin for your project is a crucial first step, as different epoxy resins come with their own distinct uses.

The most important thing to decide when picking epoxy resin is understanding how hard or flexible you need the end product to be. Ask yourself how long your artwork needs to last and how durable it needs to be. With this knowledge, you can confidently choose between epoxy resins designed for casting, doming and encapsulating, laminating, and coating and finishing. Other factors to consider are:

  • The intended purpose of your project
  • The environment and conditions it's going in
  • The complexity of your design
  • Compatibility with other materials

Once you have a plan outlined for the object you intend to create with resin, you can get to the fun part of picking out the resin itself!

Supplies to Get Started With Resin Arts

To get started with resin crafting, you will need a few essential supplies, including:

Types of Crafts You Can Make With Resin

Resin is a versatile epoxy that can be used in many creative and technical ways. It’s a great tool to make various crafts and enhance everyday items!

For river tables, epoxy resin helps to create unique blends of colour with layers that look like rivers running through the wood. It’s also an excellent material for casting moulds or making unique statement necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other jewellery pieces. 

The DIY possibilities with epoxy resin are truly endless - think about all the ways you could fix things around the house such as broken cups, cracked tiles, and loose furniture fixing – elevating their visual value. With epoxy resin, you can give new life to ordinary everyday objects and make your space reflect your personal style. 

Common Resin Mistakes to Avoid

Epoxy resin art is a craft that requires patience and imagination to create beautiful pieces. Unfortunately, it can also come with challenges if you don't approach it with the necessary know-how. 

One of the most common mistakes people make is not mixing epoxy resin thoroughly – this can lead to an uneven, blotchy texture that won't look right upon curing. To prevent this mistake, be sure to stir epoxy resin slowly and deliberately until it has a consistent colour throughout. 

Many novice epoxy users also overlook the importance of using proper silicone moulds for their projects, leading to accidental spills and misshapen pieces. For quality results, opt for quality moulds to support your creation in the long run. At Harry & Wilma, we offer a variety of quality patterned silicone resin moulds to make this process effortless!

To make sure your artwork comes out properly, remember to start with room-temperature epoxy resin. Adding hardener too quickly makes for an overly hard set. Additionally, if the surface isn’t prepared correctly, any bubbles that appear will be trapped within the epoxy resin. 

Make sure not to layer epoxy resin incorrectly or too thick – as this can make curing nearly impossible. Keep these tips in mind when crafting with epoxy resin, and you'll have a successful project each time!

There's something special about the endless possibilities that epoxy resin brings to creating art! At Harry & Wilma, we have you covered for everything you need to get crafting with resin. Shop our range today, and contact us for more information!

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